Season 2 Episode 1 Jan 28

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  1. Illinois Can't Challenge Ch. 11 Debtor's Asset Sale

Ill. Dep't of Revenue v. Naperville Theater, LLC, 2015 BL 356443
In re Vlasek , 325 F.3d 955

  1. Oil and Gas Lease Can't Be Rejected in Bankruptcy

Chesapeake Appalachia, LLC v. Powell (In re Powell), 2015 BL 370462
JedlickaT.W. Phillips Gas and Oil Co. v. Jedlicka, 42 A.3d 261

  1. Wells Fargo Wins Fight Over Default Interest Rate

Bowles Sub Parcel C, LLC v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. , 2015 BL 388722

  1. Surrender Not an Option for Homeowners in Bankruptcy

In re Ramos , 2015 BL 374546
Chrysler Fin. Corp. v. Nolan (In re Nolan), 232 F.3d 528

  1. Trustee Fees Can Exceed Payments to Unsecured Creditors

Fear v. United States Tr. (In re Ruiz), 2015 BL 408026
Hopkins v. Asset Acceptance LLC (In re Salgato-Nava), 2012 BL 199463, 473 B.R. 911

  1. Arbitration Clause Doesn't Apply to Trustee's Claims

Larson v. Swift Rock Fin., Inc. (In re Craig), 2015 BL 405934

  1. Ch. 11 Case Dismissal in Best Interests of Creditors

Northbrook Loans, LLC v. BlackAMG, 2015 BL 377918

  1. ‘Litigation Gymnastics' Causes Ch. 7 Case Dismissal

BMO Harris Bank N.A. v. Isaacson
In re Schwartz ,2015 BL 271870, 799 F.3d 760

  1. High Court Will Hear Bankruptcy Fraud Case

Husky Int'l Elecs., Inc. v. Ritz (In re Ritz)

  1. Law School Debt, ‘Hopelessness’ and the Supreme Court

Tetzlaff v. Educ. Credit Mgmt. Corp
Brunner v. N.Y. State Higher Educ. Servs. Corp. , 831 F.2d 395